Portland Demonstrators 10:00 am – sheJAMs Boot Camp

10:00 am – sheJAMs Boot Camp


Join us for SheJAMs Boot Camp!

SheJAMS is partnering with Maine Women’s Magazine to create a Fun 5K Boot Camp to celebrate the Power of a Woman.

This fun event will take place on the grounds of Thompson’s Point before the Expo with the city and the river in the background. We will have a fun workout together and accomplish a 5K while doing it! The workout will be formatted to handle everyones level of fitness. Go at your own pace while doing strength and cardio exercises outside with nature.

Included with Registration – $25

  • Entrance Fee to Maine Women’s Expo at Brick South Thompson’s Point
  • 5K Boot Camp
  • $5 Donation to Girl Scouts of Maine
  • Power of SHE T-Shirt (if you register before 10/1/17)


Our fabulous coach will be Faye Maier
Having grown up playing soccer and other competitive sports, Faye found a renewed interest in fitness after the birth of her second daughter. Faye is most passionate about sharing her love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle with her 2 daughters and women everywhere. She hopes that her message of being strong and fit comes in many different forms, and we should love our bodies for giving us the ability to do the things we love to do. Faye lives in Scarborough with her family and has been a personal trainer for the last 5 years.


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