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Corrine Bongiovanni



As a kid growing up in northern Maine, Corrine was often bored and on the search for something to create. Trying to build houses for squirrels or hammer together anything just wasn’t doable. Mud pies didn’t last long outside and coloring books became redundant. Once she learned how to write cursive around age five, Corrine realized that it was that kind of hand movement and ability to create that appealed to her. So rewriting the alphabet over and over changed to doodling and when that wasn’t enough, she hankered to actually draw something she could see around her. It wasn’t however, until grade six and her mom bought her a John Knaggy Learn To Draw Kit that Corrine finally “got to the good stuff'”.

Life rolled on with a few art projects interspersed for school assignments and a career in clinical social work took over any real time to be serious about art. Once in private practice and newly married in 1979, Corrine was able to finally return to learning more and spending time drawing and then painting. Corrine continues to maintain a small private practice in Portland, ME but is insuring that her painting time is on the increase. She’s a visual thinker who sees most things in pictures or as potential paintings. Although she enjoys plein air painting, her camera is always with her so she can record possible scenes for future work.

With a lot of reading, discussion with other artists, and occasional art workshops, her style continues to develop and broaden. Like most artists, her style has evolved and reflects the goals of her painting. As she notes, “It’s the shapes and how the light and shadows play over those and connect them that grab me, more so than the colors in a scene. My work is seldom dark or darkly moody. I look for the narrative in any scene or an overall characterization of a landscape.”

Art collectors recognize Corrine’s work for her specialty in painting golf courses from Canada to Grand Cayman Island and for her paintings of boats, old buildings, and landscapes. Painting people in their daily life is a new focus.

Also new to her repertoire are finely finished, hand painted antique tables. With a passion for antiques, the move toward hunting down and designing a fresh look for hardwood pieces that become one of a kind valuables has been very exciting and rewarding. Commission pieces using tables brought to her by clients have been fun challenges and are turned into family keepsakes that have new meaning for those receiving them. Corrine loves the hunt as it takes her to antique shops, garage sales, and people’s attics for just the right table. With a keen eye toward how a design will enhance the structure of the table, she sets out to bring to life a modernized outcome.

Corrine receives numerous requests for commission work and continues to fulfill those with the excitement of “helping a client get exactly what they want”.

Corrine Bongiovanni