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Susan Roux, educated at Rhode Island School of Design, is part owner of Roux & Cyr International Fine Art Gallery. She has been painting and teaching oil painting for many years. Her interests stretched more than painting and she reached out to artists all over the world. Fascinated by other cultures and how it related to their art led her to travel to meet and exhibit with artists. She’s hosted many artists in her home, organized workshops, art talks and artists retreats. She’s traveled to Ireland and Russia to paint with artists. Roux’s been represented by galleries since 2001 and exhibited in countless places including Saint Petersburg, Russia and Gassin France. Her interesting travels and experiences are shared on her personal blog aptly titled, An Artist’s Journey.

Roux’s natural creative voice is one of serenity. Whether figurative, still life or scenery, the viewer is always invited to enter into her world of peaceful intimacy. With color and gentle stroke she captures her emotion towards her subjects. Roux is fascinated with light and how it plays and dances on everything. When she paints the world seems to dissipate and that feeling of complete relaxation pours out on canvas. When one is pulled into her paintings, a feeling of calm overcomes them. Enter her world and feel life’s stress slip away…

Her artistic abilities showed up early in childhood, where she spent many hours creating while growing up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She attests those beautiful surroundings to her affinity with nature. “It’s spiritual for me. I’ve always felt closer to God in nature, mesmerized by the beauty, colors and texture of everything around me. My artistic journey has been to share this beauty with as many people as possible.” This is what led her to teach beginners. Roux wanted to ignite a passion for art in everyone who had interest. That continues today within the walls of the gallery with weekly classes and elementary school field trips.

Roux & Cyr International Fine Art Gallery

Susan Roux
48 Free Street
Portland, ME 04102
(207) 576-7787 | rouxandcyrgallery@gmail.com

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