Kennebunkport Exhibitors 2018 Dental Lace, Inc.

Dental Lace, Inc.


Dental Lace is an fashionable eco-friendly dental floss system that uses decorative reusable purse-sized dispensers with 100% silk fiber floss refills.

Do you carry dental floss in your purse? Not only are the containers ugly, they are not recyclable and end up in the trash. Every year we throw out enough empty dental floss dispensers to fill a landfill the size of a football field 6 stories high, not to mention the floss.

Dental Lace founder Jodi Breau created a fashionable, refillable floss container made of glass and found that other people wanted them too – the idea took off and the concept of Dental Lace was born.

Dental Lace floss uses 100% silk fibers with plant based wax and no petroleum products like other flosses. Even the packaging is recyclable! Stop by our booth and take advantage of special Expo pricing!

Expo Specials – Free Refill With Every Purchase

Dental Lace Pk. $6.00
Dental Lace (2) Pk. $10.00
Dental Lace Family (4) PK $20.00

Dental Lace, Inc.

Jodi Breau
5 Waumbek Road
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107
(207) 482-3773 |