Kennebunkport Exhibitors 2018 Sally A. Morris, Attorney at Law, LLC

Sally A. Morris, Attorney at Law, LLC


Employment Law Advice, Litigation Services and Nonprofit Law

Sally Morris is an employment lawyer working to help individuals protect their rights at work and helping nonprofits with employment law, governance and compliance.
You need a labor attorney who knows how to help you and never forgets what your fight means to you. Sally has built a successful legal career as a litigation lawyer by always putting clients first. Hard work, keen legal insight and the ability to truly connect with clients set Sally’s legal advice and litigation apart.

If you need a civil rights attorney, an ADA lawyer, or employment law advice, talk to Sally A. Morris today.

Sally A. Morris, Attorney at Law, LLC

Sally Morris
Six City Center, Suite 300
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 558-6161 |


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