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Fresh, whole food plant-based meals delivered.
No cooking required.

Want to look and feel your best at any age?
Want glowing skin, vibrant energy, and to improve your health?

Shift from eating foods that hurt to foods that heal.

Turns out your Mama was right when she said…”Eat your fruits and veggies, go outside and play.”
Science shows that what you put in your body is the most important factor for your health and beauty; add exercise to the mix and you’ve hit the trifecta for a fabulous life.

MamaSezz meals make it easy and delicious for you to eat well.

There’s a reason some of the top Doctors in the country are recommending
to their patients- Food is medicine (it just doesn’t have to taste like it) and people all over the country are experiencing the benefits of moving towards a plant-based diet.

Treat yourself to the gifts of time and health with MamaSezz meals.

No preservatives, no gluten, no processed sugars, no oils, no B.S. (you know, Bad Stuff.)

Order online at

10% off Code: MWE

Meg Donahue
52 Dunbar St
Keene, New Hampshire 03435
(800) 212-8913 |


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