Portland 2018 The Surprising Benefits of Seaweed for Your Skin

The Surprising Benefits of Seaweed for Your Skin



1:45 – 2:15

Meet Seaweed Beauty Expert Michele Gilfoil, the founder of Planet Botanicals. She will be demonstrating how to incorporate seaweed into your beauty routine and tips for maintaining a beautiful complexion. Michele is the founder of Eco conscious skincare company Planet Botanicals, which specializes in natural plant based skincare. Michele will teach you how seaweed, with over 60 vitamins and minerals, can help your skin and ways in which you can incorporate seaweed into your skincare regimen. Michele will also suggest a natural skincare routine for your skin type and tips on caring for your skin to bring out its natural radiance. Attendees will take home a sample kit of seaweed based skincare products to try.
Instructor: Michele Gilfoil
Seaweed Beauty Expert & Founder
Planet Botanicals, Westbrook, Maine
Natural Skincare made with curated organic ingredients around the worl

Read about our Seaweed Harvesting in Maine Women’s Magazine!

Planet Botanicals

Michele Gilfoil
90 Bridge St., Suite 135, Westbrook, ME 04092
(207) 536–8008 | www.planetbotanicals.com

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