Portland 2018 Exhibitors Empowered Weightloss

Empowered Weightloss


Here at Empowered: weight management, we help the stuck become unstuck. Extreme dieting, unrealistic exercise programs, diet pills, or expensive weight loss ‘rehab’ centers often leave people in a continuous state of weight loss/ gain, that ultimately ends up feeding into an underlying belief of failure, and self-loathing. We believe there is a better way. No gimmicks, no fads or diet pills- just consistent, sustainable behavior and lifestyle change. First, it means learning that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to weight and health. It means redefining how you see yourself. Developing self-love and rewiring deeply ingrained habits and beliefs is some of the most difficult work an individual can take on. It requires an extensive network of support, systematized structure, and personal commitment and perseverance. This is the heart of what Empowered Weight Loss has to offer.

Empowered Weightloss

Brian Ligotti
240 US Route 1, Unit 100 C
Falmouth, Maine 04105
(207) 805-1079 | brian@empoweredmaine.com


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