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Maine Department of Corrections is actively recruiting Females for all positions in all locations.
The Maine Department of Corrections is recruiting for tomorrow’s Correctional Leaders! We are looking for ethical, dependable, career-oriented men and women. We provide interesting, hands-on training to provide you with the skills and

Benefits as a Correctional Officer

A career as a Correctional Officer offers competitive pay and benefits that include:
•A 25-year retirement system, with age 55. Correctional Officers contribute 1.15% of their gross salary with a generous State contribution.
•Night and Weekend shift differentials
•State paid health, dental and vision insurance
•Paid sick leave
•Paid vacation leave
•12 paid Holidays per year
•On-site fitness centers
•Overtime opportunities
•Career advancement opportunities



Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age prior to date of hire.

Education: Applicants must be a high school graduate or hold an equivalency certificate (GED).

Conduct: Applicants must have no serious criminal or extensive motor vehicle records. See Automatic Disqualifiers for details.

Physical: Applicants must be in adequate physical condition to perform the duties of a Correctional Officer.
A valid, State of Maine Driver’s License is required upon employment.

Hiring Process

1. APPLICATION EVALUATION: Applications are reviewed to verify that each candidate meets the established Minimum Qualifications/Requirements. Applicants who do not meet these requirements are disqualified from further consideration.

2. PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST (PAT): Standards for successful completion of the PAT are available upon request.

3. ORAL BOARD INTERVIEW: Applicants successfully meeting the Minimum Requirements and who have passed PAT will be scheduled for an Oral Board Interview. The Oral Board is a structured interview that evaluates applicants’ skills in the areas of Commitment & Independence; Judgment & Logic; Decision Making Decisiveness; Tact & Diplomacy; and Communication Skills. The Oral Board is a pass/fail component of the applicant process.

4. BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION: Applicants who successfully pass the Oral Board Interview will have a finger-print based criminal history record check along with a prior employment reference check.
5. ALERT TEST: Applicants must pass the ALERT test prior to being hired as a Correctional Officer. The Alert Test will be set up upon completion of all previous steps. This test must meet the Maine Criminal Justice Academy’s minimum passing score for entrance into basic corrections training. Test questions are multiple choice and fall within the categories of Writing Skills and Reading Comprehension.

You should be aware before starting the application process that the following are disqualifiers for this position.

If you:

1. Have been convicted of murder or any crime classified in Maine law as a Class A, Class B, or Class C crime (i.e., any crime with a maximum term of imprisonment of one year or more), or of any substantially similar crime in another jurisdiction outside the State of Maine;

2. Have been convicted of any crime classified in Maine law as a Class D crime (i.e., any crime with a maximum possible term of imprisonment of less than one year), or of any substantially similar crime in another jurisdiction outside the State of Maine;

3. Have been convicted of any of the following provisions of the Maine Criminal Code (Title 17-A of the Maine Revised Statutes Annotated), or of any substantially similar crime in another jurisdiction outside the State of Maine;

A. Chapter 15, Theft, including, but not limited to: Theft by deception; Insurance deception; Theft by extortion; Theft of lost, mislaid or mistakenly delivered property; Theft of services; Theft by misapplication of property; Unauthorized use of property;
B. Chapter 19, Falsification in Official Matters, including, but not limited to: Perjury; False swearing; Unsworn falsification; Tampering with a witness, informant, juror, or victim; Falsifying physical evidence; Tampering with public records or information; Impersonating a public servant;
C. Chapter 25, Bribery and Corrupt Practices, including, but not limited to: Bribery in official and political matters; Improper influence; Improper compensation for past action; Improper gifts to public servants; Improper compensation for services; Purchase of public office; Official oppression; Misuse of information; or
D. Chapter 45, Drugs, including, but not limited to: Unlawful or Aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs; Unlawfully furnishing scheduled drugs; Unlawful possession of scheduled drugs; Acquiring drugs by deception; Stealing drugs; Cultivating marijuana; Illegal importation of scheduled drugs; Unlawful possession, unlawful trafficking, or unlawful furnishing of synthetic hallucinogenic drugs;

4. Have engaged in any conduct described in paragraphs 1, 2, and/or 3, above;

5. Have been convicted of any crime that is a violation of any domestic abuse law of any State or Federal jurisdiction;

6. Have been convicted of operating under the influence (O.U.I.) of intoxicating liquor and/or drugs within the ten (10) years preceding the date of your application;

7. Are currently abusing drugs or alcohol; or

8. Falsify or misrepresent a material fact by signing this document, or when you are/were interviewed during the background investigation phase of the application process.

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