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Maine Magic Mud


Maine Magic Mud is a new company with a twist on skin care. We incorporate intertidal mud into our skin care products, and Maine kelp into our hair products, in our effort to bring some of the Magic of the coast directly to you. For millions of year the gulf of Maine has been a thriving ecosystem. While other products utilize sediment from less populated regions (the Dead Sea for example) we are counting on the fact that our mud has been an integral part of an ecosystem that has been so alive for so long. As a farmer lays a fallow field to allow nutrients to make their way back into the soil, beneath the sea the gulf of Maine has been collecting nutrients for millions of years. Used locally as a balm for poison ivy and stings, or simply as an exfoliating addition to an ocean swim we now bring a bit of our magical mud to you. We couple our product with ingredients with well known skin benefits like tea tree oil and turmeric with the hope and belief that we will make your skin look and feel as vibrant as you are.

Maine Magic Mud

8 Arcola
Vinalhaven, Maine 04863
(207) 390-5164 | mainemagicmud@gmail.com

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