Spring Expo 2019 Demonstrations Discover Your Passion with Right Brain Power

Discover Your Passion with Right Brain Power



As women, there comes a point in our lives when we seek passion and deeper meaning. The trouble is, we were trained to approach life, even our big goals and dreams, from a logical, left-brain perspective. But as we say here in Maine, you can’t get there from here. To discover the deeper truths of who we are, what we want, and why we are here, we have to start from the right-brain: the seat our imagination, intuition, inner knowing, and creative expression. But in our left-brain lives, the right brain is often ignored, unfamiliar, and under-utilized. So, how do we build right-brain power? Join artist and Creatively Fit Coach Larissa Davis as she shares powerful, anyone-can-do-this exercises to strengthen your right-brain so you CAN get there from here!
Instructor: Larissa Davis

The Soul Path Artist

529 New Settlement Road
Hiram, ME 04041
(207) 256-4156 | arissa@larissadavis.com