Spring 2019 Exhibitors Inner Image Health Screening

Inner Image Health Screening


Inner Image Health Screening, LLC has provided thermal imaging services throughout Maine since 2006 and now offers NES Health. NES Health is unlike any other health services or products. This unique system allows us to both analyze and correct the state of wellness by addressing the 3 critical factors for health within the body: energy, information, and physiology.

NES Health is a system where we are able to take the information from the original blueprint of how the body works when it’s working perfectly and imprint that information back into the body, and as we do that, the body starts to correct itself and goes back towards that original healthy blueprint.

Thermography is a unique screening technology that takes a picture and creates a map of the thermal patterns of the body. Unlike anatomical tests such as X-ray, MRI, CT or Ultrasound, Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging shows physiological change and metabolic processes. Clinical Thermography can detect disease processes at subtle levels when intervention can be more effective and ultimately less costly.

Inner Image Health Screening

Ingrid LeVasseur
5 Fundy Rd., Suite 10c
Falmouth, Maine 04105
(207) 781-6060 | info@MyInnerImage.com

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