Spring 2019 Exhibitors JenOfAllTradesCo



JenofallTrades, master of none, is a collection of creations from many different disciplines of the arts. Starting out with jewelry, I became interested in different areas which lead me to metal smithing, polymer clay, gemstones and more. Branching from metal smithing, I decided to work more with wire on an anvil and developed a line of animal themed bookmarks and paper clips, including a cat themed line that I use to raise money for local animal shelters by donating profits and providing inventory to sell. I’ve dabbled in other areas including watercolor painting, needle felting, digital art, and now my newest passion: pottery. JenofallTrades is about providing a little of everything, from decorative to functional, and at all budget levels to ensure everyone can find something they love to take home to call theirs or gift.


Jennifer Klauer
24 Logan St
Berwick, Maine 03901
(603) 948-5306 | jenofalltradesco@gmail.com

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