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Radiant Image


Learn How to Create Flattering Looks…and Save Money Shopping!

Most women wear only 20% of their clothing and feel frustrated that they have nothing to wear. Through individual analysis of skin, hair and eye coloring and body and face measurements, Radiant Image will identify your best colors and style for clothing, makeup, glasses, jewelry, belts and more that create a harmonious, together appearance, plus saves you time and money shopping. Great to do individually or as a group with girlfriends and family!

Individual consultations include bringing the makeup you wear most often to see how it works with your coloring. We’ll make recommendations for what you should keep and what you should change to pull it all together. Radiant Image sells makeup that harmonizes with individual coloring through Color Me Beautiful.

As an add-on after you have your colors analyzed, we can go through your closet with you, just like in the former TV show, “What Not to Wear”, to determine what clothing should be kept and what should be given away. For the pieces you’re keeping, we’ll make recommendations for easy enhancements, if needed, so they look their best on you!

Radiant image also provides facial skin analysis and skin care products by Adrien Arpel and Gale Hayman to meet a variety of skin care needs.

Test Your Coloring at the Show!
Stop by booth #95 for FREE mini draping to see how different shades of the same color can make you look either vibrant or tired. Enter to win a free personal color analysis!

Radiant Image

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