Fall 2019 Organize ME!

Organize ME!


Organize ME! was founded by Dawna Hall in 2008. It is an eco-friendly Professional Organizing service that helps overwhelmed homeowners clear the clutter and simplify their lives. Stop by our booth and tell us about your organizing challenge! Also, check out our Memory Bears – teddy bears made from loved ones clothing.



Top 10 Reasons you may need to hire a Professional Organizer

1 You pay late fees because you misplace or lose your bills
2 Your guest room looks like a storage space not a bedroom
3 You have a 2 car garage and the car doesn’t fit in it
4 You have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear
5 You spend too much time looking for things you need
6 You pay for storage for stuff you could live without
7 You’re surrounded by things you no longer use or love
8 You eat out because you don’t have room to cook
9 You buy things you already have because you can’t find the original
10 You avoid inviting people over because the clutter has taken over

Organize ME!

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