Fall 2019 KA ORA Bracelets

KA ORA Bracelets


KA ORA sells quality, crafted bangle bracelets that reflect positive thinking to empower the dreamer, celebrate the rebel, and support individuality. Proudly made in New England. KA ORA bracelets are hand embossed using traditional jewelry making techniques passed down through 3 generations. Each bracelet is crafted one at a time, so no two are perfectly a like – just like the women who wear KA ORA.

Key Features:
Materials: bracelets are jeweler’s brass plated silver
Seamless: there is no seam on the bracelet
Durable: we only use the best materials to make a quality crafted bracelet to allow you to wear it hiking or out to dinner
Sound: when you wear the bracelets together you make a charming sound
Width: 6mm or ¼”

KA ORA Bracelets

Audrey Lovering
5 French St
West Paris, Maine 04289
(207) 899-6825 | kaorabracelets@gmail.com