Fall 2019 Exhibitors SugarSpell Sweets

SugarSpell Sweets


SugarSpell Sweets is a made-from-scratch dessert boutique dedicated to providing innovative and tantalizing sweet sensations for all occasions.

I combine technique and art into my own special kind of alchemy. It is a careful weaving of sense, of emotion, and of thought, into an experience. This craft is something I think of as the way of sucromancy, or translated from Latin to English: SugarSpell.

Fear not, sucromancy is not a malicious kind of magic. It’s only purpose is to delight both the practitioner and the recipient, as we enjoy dessert, one of the greatest experiences in life.

Here at SugarSpell, special orders are celebrated all year-round. And, if you want to add extra magic to your event, I would be delighted to plan a costumed appearance at your gathering.

My offerings can be customized for a variety of occasions: birthdays, engagements, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, corporate functions, and many more! It would be a pleasure to create the perfect dessert experience for you and your guests to enjoy.

Whether you place an order to pick up, request a delivery to your home or venue, or arrange a visit from me with my cart full of delicious treats, I will happily help make your special day a little bit sweeter.

SugarSpell Sweets

April Morrison
2638 Bristol Rd.
New Harbor, Maine 04554
(207) 504-2132 | info@sugarspellsweets.com

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