Spring Expo 2019 Demonstrations Facelift without the Knife in One Hour

Facelift without the Knife in One Hour

NEW Ultrasound Skin Procedure Demonstration


12:00 – 1:00 PM

Learn about a new FDA approved technology called HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) that can turn back the clock 10 years to reduce facial wrinkles & loose skin without needles, expensive creams or surgery. This noninvasive process takes less than an hour to perform; the full results are realized within three months. For most, only one treatment is needed and will last up to 2 years making this an affordable alternative to other remedies on the market.

Sheri will demonstrate the procedure on a live model, and a few of Sheri’s clients will be on hand with ½ of their face treated to show the before & after results and answer your questions about their experience with the process.

At the demo, enter to win a free facial ($1,400 value) and a free brow & forehead lift ($300 value). You can even enter a friend or family member who is not in attendance the day of the Expo. There will also be special coupons available only at the booth. Don’t miss out!

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