Spring 2019 Exhibitors JeanneMaguireFineArts.com



Jeanne is a fine artist who enjoys pushing the current norms in contemporary art. She has invented a new medium called. 3-D Fiber Painting. It is a cross between painting and sculpture. She was recently featured on WMTW Channel 8’s ‘Made in Maine” series. Jeanne also works in Pen & Ink. Her subject matter is deliberate; women’s empowerment.

Jeanne also is an accomplished speaker and certified yoga instructor. The latter developing as a direct result of her rehab from a life threatening noncancerous brain lesion. Jeanne had lost the use of much of her speech and her ability to walk. Yoga became a way to rewire her brain. She speaks to this point when speaking to groups.


Jeanne Maguire
16 Dahlia Drive
Kittery, Maine 03904
(603) 303-1081 | jeannemaguirefinearts@gmail.com