Spring 2019 Exhibitors Hearts & Hands Reiki

Hearts & Hands Reiki


Come and receive some Reiki while you are at the Expo! With over 22 years of professional Reiki experience, Hearts & Hands Reiki Master Teacher Martha Spruce can give you the profound relaxation and subtle inward journey that you are looking for. Relax on my warm infrared amethyst pad (yes, I sell them!) and feel the inflammation draining away. Let the Reiki wash over you. Sign up for a 15 minute session!

Sessions for private clients and professional training are provided from Reiki I through Reiki Master Teacher. With 18 years of experience in healthcare, Martha is comfortable in medical settings and offers Reiki during surgery with surgeon’s approval. She trains prospective surgical patients in “Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster” as part of her care package. Martha is a former volunteer chaplain at Mid-Coast Hospital and is certified as a hospice volunteer. She trained EMTs to use Reiki in the backs of ambulances for over 10 years at their recertification conferences.

Her orientation toward Reiki is that it is an adjunct to medical care, not a replacement, and she has witnessed miracles taking place. Reiki bodywork is a path toward wholeness and peacefulness in body, mind, and spirit!

Hearts & Hands Reiki

Martha Spruce
4 Magean Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011
(207) 751-5339 | mspruce@live.com