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A Passion For Helping Families Navigate the Financial Markets

Mark Patterson is a Maine based investment advisor with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. From an early age, Mark was drawn to the financial industry and enjoyed learning about the inner workings of financial markets. He first started in the industry as a broker, designing individual portfolios. Enjoying the hands-on aspect of building and managing portfolios, he became an independent investment advisor in order to work more closely with clients. In developing his practice, Mark realized he could use his understanding and interest of finances to assist individuals and families navigate the complexities of financial planning, preparing for retirement, and managing assets.

Mark believes that knowledge is not only power, but it’s also the foundation for intelligent, well considered decisions. When retirement is in sight, sound decisions are vital in helping individuals and families pursue their goals and avoid costly mistakes that can affect their future. Mark understands that families of all income levels want to feel financially secure as they grow older and reach retirement, but many believe they don’t have enough to invest or are worried they can’t afford to make a mistake. Mark works with clients in New Hampshire and Maine, some of which have limited assets. He seeks to work closely with them and carefully manage and preserve their wealth.

In addition to working with clients to develop financial strategies, Mark is passionate about education and seeks to provide individuals and families with an understanding of financial concerns, including retirement planning and Social Security. Offering information on Social Security misconceptions, he seeks to bring awareness and inform clients and the community on how certain financial decisions can impact the entire family. Over the years, he has taught at several universities and colleges in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and frequently hosts workshops.

Through his holistic approach, Mark seeks to develop strategies that may help clients retire successfully with a predictable and steady income. He enjoys helping people build a solid financial foundation for the future and is committed to helping his clients create solutions for their retirement assets. While today’s economic environment brings challenges, it can also bring opportunities and potential rewards. Mark works closely with his clients to evaluate those opportunities and develop strategies that may help them reap those rewards.

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