Fall 2019 Exhibitors Hippy Chick Natural Solutions, LLC

Hippy Chick Natural Solutions, LLC

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Hippy Chick Natural Solutions, LLC is focused on comprehensive and whole-person care. We have developed and continue to develop products that help people in many ways. We specialize in essential oils, aromatherapy and topical uses in combination with CBD. We strive to provide safe and effective options that will encourage one’s body to naturally balance and to obtain optimal health levels.

  • The CBD is an isolate that has gone through a patented process to remove the humeric acid making the CBD more bio readily available for the patient.
  • Essential oils and CBD: Blended together; CBD and essential oils support the healing process in the body significantly. The essential oils increase the power of the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Hippy Chick Natural Solutions, LLC

Janet McAllister
35 Pleasant Ave
Sangerville, Maine 04479
(207) 343-0636 | info@hippychickllc.com