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GoGo Refill


GoGo Refill is a plastic-free refill shop designed to help people reduce their waste – specifically single-use plastic. Designed with the goal to specifically help consumers cut out harmful single-use plastic, the store’s refill model encourages customers to bring their own clean containers and fill them up with earth-friendly products, doing their part to reduce waste. GoGo Refill carries products that are vetted, stylish and include goods for home & body, like cleaning, kitchen, bath, and beauty items as well as simple plastic-free switches to aid in a low-waste lifestyle.

GoGo Refill is fast, easy way to refill your most-used kitchen, bath, laundry and body supplies without buying them in new plastic packaging. Simply bring your own container (we have some in-store if you need them). Priced per ounce, buy as much or as little as you need. Some examples of products that we have as refillables are dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry liquid, powders and pods, hand soap, all-purpose cleaner, cleaning vinegar, dish block solid dish soap and more.

In the bathroom, common toiletries and supplies like shampoo and conditioner, body wash, shampoo & conditioner bars, soap bars of every sort, facial toner & oil, lotion bars – even refillable eyeshadow, silk dental floss (in a refillable glass container), refillable cream deodorant and more. Many products are made in Maine, but all products are sourced firstly for their non-toxic ingredients, plastic-free and eco-friendly processes, and overall quality.

In addition to refilling popular household and personal items, GoGo Refill also offers a collection of plastic-free reusable product solutions from innovative companies around the U.S. and Canada. Some examples include kitchen reusables like UNpaper towels, all-natural dish brushes, food storage containers, spray bottles and more. For beauty and bathroom, expect to find everything from menstrual cups to plastic-free razors (with recyclable blades!) and plastic-free hair elastics. Reusable on-the-go products include a stylish selection of Bamboo sporks and travel utensils, water bottles, coffee mugs, lunchboxes, and of course – all the non-plastic straw options and varieties!

GoGo Refill

Laura Marston
64 E Street
South Portland, Maine 04106
hello@gogorefill.com | www.gogorefill.com

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