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GooeyGump Designs


We are located at 570 Brighton Ave, Portland ME and open every Thursday & Friday from 12-7 and Saturdays 10-4. We host DIY workshops and group classes painting furniture, building various home accents, and personalizing decor. We also LOVE hosting your private events with friends, wine, cheese boards, and fancy chocolates.

Welcome to GooeyGump Designs. My name is Allison and I am the owner and founder of this Maine-based creative business. I am a furniture artist, first and foremost, but I do have frequent love affairs with vintage shops, interior design, power tools, and other crafty goodness.

“Gooey Gump” came about as a childhood nickname given to me by my parents. It was a term of endearment when I faithfully went a little too far on a class project (…just *one* more flourescent swirl, star, or googley eye on a science fair poster meant that I had “gooey gumped” it up).

It was an afternoon activity growing up as an only child “Just go to your room and gooey gump something for a few hours until dinner is ready”.

And perhaps the most often as a replacement curse word when I inevitably splashed, spilled, or dumped, nail polish, puffy paints, or glitter onto my bedroom carpet. But in my defense, cream colored carpet for a messy kid? What were they thinking?!

GooeyGump Designs

Allison Frazier
570 Brighton Ave., Portland, ME 04102
allison@gooeygumpdesigns.com | www.gooeygumpdesigns.com