Fall 2019 Exhibitors Chakrapreneur



Nanette Giacoma, MBA, MA is many things. But, to those who work with her, seek her advice, attend her classes, or read her book, Nanette is one thing – the Chakrapreneur. Walking between the worlds of traditional business and alternative practices, Nanette offers you a unique path to growth, discovery, purpose, and success.

Nanette is a renaissance woman. She combines the best of her education, training, skills, and 25 plus years of experience in business, coaching, energy work, and art to craft a pioneering system of personal and professional transformation. Whether you are seeking to advance your career, grow your own business, or experience more professional fulfillment, the Chakrapreneur will help you achieve your goals and move into the best version of yourself.

Visit the Chakrapreneur vendor table and discover your business chakras! Read the book that bridges business school with spiritual well being! Nanette’s book, “Open for Business: How to Achieve Professional Success Using the Power of Chakras” explains the human chakra energy system that sages have known about for centuries and teaches you how to apply it in the business world. In this pioneering book chock full of information, you will learn how to assess your professional chakras, align and balance the chakras, and unite your innate energy with your infinite potential.

“Open for Business is a fresh perspective that offers real tools to tap into your inner source. This book is chock full of helpful tools that will help you get unstuck, and move you into an expansive mindset.” Jennifer Nadeau, Founder, Jai Yoga.



Nanette Giacoma
228 Bay Road
Bowdoinham, Maine 04008
(207) 319-6325 | Nanette@NanetteGiacoma.com

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