Fall 2019 Exhibitors Books & Crafts by Norma K. Salway

Books & Crafts by Norma K. Salway


Norma Kimball Salway is a crafter and Maine author. Her first children’s book, My Maine School Bus Driver, will be on sale at her booth along with hand-made crafts and gift items.

Norma has authored multiple books including, The Attic & ME: History encountered in a Maine attic, I’m Just a Kid You Know! which brings stories from the classroom based on Norma’s tenure as a school teacher. Her book, Touched by a Hummingbird, deals with grief, loss and sadness, and is an inspiring reminder to experience life as it appears-especially when lonely, grieving or sad. Norma has experienced many losses and hopes others will be comforted by her story. A portion of the book proceeds are donated to cancer research.

Books & Crafts by Maine Author/Crafter Norma K. Salway

Portland, Maine 04103
normas@maine.rr.com | (207) 899-3595